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Waking up on the right side of the bed.

Waking up in a bad mood can pretty much determine the direction of the rest of your day. So wether you have a good or a bad day is totally up to you. If you keep reading I will tell you some of my favorite things that I do to wake up in a better mood and some things that I do to brighten up a rather gloomy day.

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I know you're all probably really tired of reading this, but we don't say it for no reason. Water, will always make you feel better! Have a glass of water waiting for you when you wake up and let it help you wake up. Try going straight for some water rather than your phone first thing in the morning.

Tip two, avoid social media for the first couple of hours after you wake up. Personally, there are days where if I don't look at my phone then I can't wake up even if I did drink some water so when I'm having one of those days I go on youtube and watch videos that will motivate me. No, I don't look for workout videos, I typically will watch my favorite "look book" videos so that I get excited about putting my outfit for the day together, but if working out makes you happy then go for it! It's about the little things that spark joy. Once I'm out of bed I will either go for music or a good podcast. I try to stay away from turning the t.v on so those are a good alternative. I do this because i have noticed that I will get sucked into the tv where as music and podcasts allow me to keep moving and get more things done resulting in a happier more productive me.

Now that we got things to do when you wake up out of the way lets talk about things you can do the night before. Most nights I'm too tired to even take my make-up off. I'm a new mom so I'm pretty pooped by 8pm, but I try to make it a habit to not eat too late at night because I want my body to rest while I rest instead of working on digesting my food and waking up all bloated and tired. Eating 3 hours before your bed time will actually help you sleep better and there for you will wake up in a better mood. Another thing I like to do before bed is making a list of things I need to do the next day, things I look forward to doing, and things I'm thankful for he day of. This will not only help you be thankful for another day, but it will motivate you to make the best out of tomorrow. There is also something so satisfying about crossing things off a list. Tricks you into thinking you actually have your sh** together.

This next tip may be too corny for some, but I love it. The night before I will go to my bathroom and write some inspirational quotes on sticky notes and stick them all over my bathroom mirror. Waking up to a "you are a bada** mom" from myself to myself always puts a smile on my face and reminds me that I am a bada** and that I need to keep being one. Some time my husband will also leave me cute little notes and those really do brighten up my day as well . It's different than a good morning text. last thing and probably one of the more effective ones is a mood board. There is something so motivating about seeing all your goals and hopes and dreams on a board all together. It not only helps you strive for a better day so you can be closer to those goals, but it sparks joy and like I said, its all about sparking joy so that can set the mood for the rest of your awesome day. Most importantly remember that everyday is a fresh start.


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