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When Should You Thrift?

Ever since Macklemore put out the song “Thrift Shop” in 2012, thrifting has been a trend that never dies. People are even able to call themselves professional thrifters because they got it down to a science. However, before it even became a trend, it was a reality for people and still is.

Thrift stores are second-hand stores that people donate to so other people can purchase for a lower cost. People have various reasons for shopping there: to save the planet, to save money, or because they’re following others.

Going to thrift stores for the sole purpose of following a trend defeats the purpose behind people who are actually in need of second-hand items.

So when should you shop from thrift stores?

You can shop there at any time honestly. Nobody is stopping you from making those businesses money. But if you’re planning to go all out and purchase a bunch of clothing, try not to do it in that same season you need it for. It helps save the product thrift stores have for families actually in need.

So if you need a couple of winter jackets, I advise you to buy it in the summer. It’s cheaper and easier to purchase. Since nobody is looking for it at that time you can swoop in and grab whatever you need.


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