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Where to Find the Best Dollar Sushi in Atlanta

Whether it’s summer, winter, or fall; everyone loves to bond over a delicious meal. However, sometimes your friend’s pricey tastes can start to tear a hole in your wallet. Or sometimes you want to try new foods out of your comfort zone, but they can be way out of your price range.So I went out and found the best and cheapest sushi spots for weekday dining. All the spots listed here not only provide a unique vibe, but more importantly; they are fabulously priced sushi that ranges from one to three dollars.

Thai 5 and Sushi Bar.

Thai 5 and Sushi bar is located in Little Five Points next to a bunch of cute artsy stores. It’s location makes it perfect for a cute date whether romantic or strictly platonic. When you open the door you are faced with a long romantic hall that leads you to a rustic restaurant. When seated, you are presented a paper menu that lists various sushi types for $1. The only catch is that this deal is only offered on Monday which is perfect for a casual dinner date.


Satto Thai and Sushi Bar

Satto Thai and Sushi Bar is another marvelous location to check out when in the Atlanta midtown area. It is found across the street from Georgia Tech. It’s great to stop at to meet friends if you’re trying to avoid the rush hour traffic and want a cheap, great quality bite to eat. In addition, it's great if you just want to bring yourself or someone on a cheap date. Great thing about this restaurant is that it's one dollar sushi deal is not only held on Monday but Tuesday as well from 4-9pm.


Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Going to Kura Sushi Bar, which has multiple locations in Kennesaw and Doraville, is quite a spectacular experience with all its nuance technology and delicious sushi. Unfortunately, unlike the other two listed there isn’t one dollar sushi per say but there are certain sushi plates that range below four dollars which is still a pretty sweet deal. The way it works is you get sat next to a conveyor belt and different sushi plates pass by and you pick what you want and the conveyor automatically charges each plate grab to your bill. Therefore it can get pricey if you or your date are careless with the amount you decide to eat but besides that it still is a steal.


I hope you all get the chance to check it out! Before going I would recommend just calling the restaurant to confirm on the deals just because menus and policies are always changing. Regardless of that all restaurants listed here do have reasonable prices on non deal days that I would recommend as well if that were the case.

But besides that 食事をお楽しみ下さい everyone.


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