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Why Editorial Makeup Should be a Trend

Editorial makeup has been around for a long time, the art is mainly showed in runways and fashion magazines. What is editorial makeup you might ask? This is the type of makeup look that isn't your typical 'everyday' makeup look. Most of these looks can go from creating a splash of random color dots to a bare face; to creating illusions that will make you go crazy just from staring at it way too long. Here are some editorial makeup inspirations that can easily be wearable to go out in the public eye and show case some real art.

@beautyspock almost never fails at creating vintage yet modern makeup looks, if you love that Marilyn Monroe vibe/look then you will be addicted to @beautyspock's feed. This look definitely give me a euphoria makeup vibe, this can be recreated using your own twist by adding glitter tears of just leaving it without the tears and have the eyeshadow do all the work on popping out itself.

Urban Decay

Fiery eyeshadows became a huge trend a couple of months ago, not only does it compliment the eyes; but in a way it looks exotic & fun to recreate!

On Vogues “90s glam makeup tutorial“ Alexa Demie stated that her on mom is a makeup artist, Demie explained how she learned a lot of her makeup techniques by watching her mom as a young child, not only does Demie have an eye for fashion, but she definitely knows how to pick up a makeup brush and dazzle the world with her talented makeup skills. If you're always on the lookout for the next Inspo on editorial makeup looks definitely check out @alexademie page.

If you‘re looking for something more dramatic and wild, try checking out @shablamgela. These looks created by @shablamgela are breathe taking, and trust me you will definitely find some inspo going through the instagram feed.

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