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Zach Zoya Releases New Single "Smoke & Dance"

ATLANTA, Ga. (May 11, 2022) – Universal Music Canada Artist, Zach Zoya, has just dropped his first single of the summer, “Smoke and Dance”. The track is accompanied by a visualizer and uses the infusion of afrobeats and an upbeat carefree anthem to set the scene for the summer of 2022.

“Time goes by, tryna keep you as a friend. I can’t love you, no point in pretendin’. Better let me go now while you still got the chance to move on..”

Zoya sings about being free of a relationship – possibly a summer fling. Except, he cares for the person enough to warn them about detaching before they’re in too deep and get hurt. The camera pans the crowd and stage of a performance painted in tiny black and white ridges, whorls, and valley patterns. The high energy of the crowd in the visual could preface the reaction of what this single will be met with this summer by future listeners.

The Rouyn-Noranda native has acquired a very diverse musical palette through his parents; a South African father who fled to Canada during Apartheid, but refused to let the music of his heritage be left behind, and a French-Canadian mother who loved American soul and pop music.

Zoya describes “Smoke and Dance” as feeling like the biggest of parties and “what [he] want[s] this summer to feel like.”

“This is my comeback song,” he explains. “This is the energy we have been missing for two years and I’m really trying to come back on stage with a bang! I’ve had the chance to perform it already while on tour with Charlotte Cardin and it has been so great so far - the energy just speaks for itself. It makes people want to move, dance, and have a good time. We had a party in the studio making it and it’s a party on stage when we perform it!”

“Smoke and Dance” is the third track released from his upcoming EP, “No Love Is Ever Wasted”, set to be released on June 10th.

The first, “Start Over” dropped in 2021, and its visual earned Zoya the recognition of “YouTube’s Trending Artist On The Rise”. “Start Over” has amassed over 2 Million streams. Its video was also exclusively premiered with Vogue Italia.

The second track to be shared from the EP, “Strangers In The House”, released earlier this year in February and is a very intimate, mid-tempo pop/R&B song.

The self- described silver-tongued rapper’s sophomore year is preceded by a 2021 Berlin Music Video Awards nomination, a 2021 GAMIQ Nomination for his EP Spectrum, a 2021 ADISQ Award for International Collaboration of the Year, and being named to several emerging artists lists -- including ELLE Quebec’s 10 Quebec Artists to Discover.

Zoya’s next performance will take place on Friday, May 13th at the Place Bell, in Laval, Canada.


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