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Is the Micro Bag Trend Here to Stay?

For decades one thing that would always make a statement is the type of bag we'd carry around. We went from the big bag trend; where we carried around almost every little thing we could possibly think of needing. To tote around top handle bags, to cross body bags. Well, guess what? This season's bag trend isn't so big after all and it’s a trend that's been out years ago and is making a come back.

Miniature handbags, tiny bags, micro bags; the list goes on and the styles vary from cross body clutches to tiny trunk shaped boxes and more. These make a huge statement all because their structure and style; their ranges from their prints, patterns, size and shape. This trend actually stood out years ago and many celebrities are making a come back all over Instagram!

I'm not usually the one to be stoked about the newest and latest bag that come out, but this new mini bag trend has me wanting to expand my own bag collection. One thing that does have me curious about this trend is what could possibly be put inside these tiny little bags? Maybe just lipstick and my phone or wallet and an ID? Obviously something minimalist. The real question here is will the micro bag trend stay here for good? Seeing Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Beyonce; it's clear that not only it's back but here to stay.

Left picture kim Kardashian with a Jacquemus white mini bag and right picture Gigi Hadid carrying a Furla Micro Bag.

Fendi Micro Peekaboo shoulder bag in pink leather. $1,040.

Grace Bag Fuchsia, $384, for a girls night ; something simple yet cute.

Jacquemus Ssense Exclusive Black Le Petit Rond Bag, $622,

Ball shaped mini bags. Their shape reminds us of things like perfume bottles or crystal balls, to the point where all you need is the design without the other markers of luxury.


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