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Meeting Sabrina Claudio

R&B singer/songwriter, Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio is an up and coming singer/songwriter with a unique and sultry take on R&B that is starting to get the attention of R&B lovers. Her most recent and very first tour, No Rain No Flowers Tour, ran from October to November of 2018 with songs from her newest album “No Rain, No Flowers.” I had the opportunity to meet the singer and attend her concert at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA on November 2nd.

My boyfriend, Andrew, and I were one of the first in line waiting to meet the “Confidently Lost” singer. Feelings of excitement and nervousness reached my body as we received our meet & greet lanyards and awaited 5 o’clock. For meet and greets, you’d have to arrive at the venue at a certain time given to you when you purchased your tickets; so in our case, it was 2 hours before the doors opened.

Sabrina Claudio's Meet & Greet lanyard

As 5 o’clock hits, we make our way through security, enter the venue, then await our turn on a flight of stairs to meet the singer. When our turn is up next, my feelings of excitement and nervousness are still apparent.

Sabrina Claudio sports her “No Rain, No Flowers Tour” grey sweatshirt. She greets me by saying she loves my outfit and gives me a hug. I express my admiration for her music and excitement for her concert that night. She replies by saying she’s excited to “give us life.”

Meet & Greet photo session with Sabrina Claudio

After a few pictures together that I’ll probably save forever, I whip out my vlog camera and ask her if she can be in my YouTube video. She happily agrees. Andrew asks her, “aside from your own hard work, name an outside force that has helped aid to your success?” Sabrina replies, “my team.” She explains how she wouldn’t be where she is today or even have this tour without her amazing crew.

The short, but amazing experience meeting Sabrina came to an end and we grab our meet & greet package (a canvas bag, signed autograph photograph and a phone grip & stand with her photo) and head to the stage area where the concert should begin. A perk to the meet & greet experience and being the first ones in line is having the opportunity to be front row. We also purchased some of her merch including the same sweater she wore during the meet & greet. After waiting for the concert to start, her opening act singer/songwriter snny performs a variety of his songs from his Learning How to Swim EP, such as “Arizona.”

Sabrina Claudio performing "All to You"

Sabrina’s bubbly personality was already shining through as she makes her way to the center of the stage. Usually, I hate being in crowds because of the little space but the vibes (and the one drink I had) erased that from my head. She sang songs from both her first EP “Confidently Lost” and album “No Rain, No Flowers,” such as “Unravel Me,” “Frozen,” and more. The crowd and myself sang each song like it was our last. Her stage presence was unique.

More than half way through the concert, I believe with only about 3 songs left, she sings “Messages From Her.” Remember that drink I mentioned earlier? It came back to bite me. I started feeling dizzy and my stomach started to churn. I told Andrew I didn’t feel well and that I felt like vomiting. He took me through the massive crowd as she sings the post-chorus to the song. During this, all I saw was blurriness and darkness. Without going into too much detail, I didn’t eat before the concert, drank alcohol, then it hit me during the end of her concert and I missed 3 of her songs. But it was still a great night.

Overall, the concert as well as the meet and greet was an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to meet my favorite artist before she gets big was rewarding and a humbling experience. I admire her hard work and passion for music. It was a night to remember.

Sabrina Claudio just announced that she will be having her second tour called "Truth Is Tour," running this year from September 2019 through November 2019!

Listen to Sabrina Claudio on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and more. Watch my YouTube video where I vlog the whole thing too!

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