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The Creative Mind of Patrick Cloud

Comedy, Personality and Positivity are three words that come to mind when I think about the name Patrick Cloud. Many know him from his hilariously creative content on All Def Digital, while others have followed him on social media and listen to his multiple podcasts. One thing's for sure; Patrick is an influencer of many talents and his positive spirit brings a community of people together on the daily.

Massiel : Growing up, what were your passions and what was your dream job?

Patrick : Growing up i was always passionate about music and video games. I wanted to be a game designer for a long time, then I got into making music. It was always about being creative and building things from my mind.

Massiel: Who were some influential people in your life?

Patrick: I was always influenced by my parents and how they made a living for themselves and us. That gave me the drive. Creatively I’ve always been inspired by people who did the things I wanted to do like music but also did a ton of other things too: like Pharrell Williams. I knew I was going to juggle talents.

Massiel: Has working at ADD changed your life and what is your favorite part about it?

Patrick: Working at All Def for sure changed my life because it not only bred me to knowing how to easily make good content for cheap, it showed me how to be an all around influencer who can do a bunch of things at once! I never considered being a personality online but I think it fits.

Massiel: Do you ever feel a creative block when coming up with ideas; If so what helps you get out of it?

Patrick: Creative blocks happen but its really about moving on and coming back to it. I have plenty of things to work on so i try not to force it. Sleeping on ideas and returning with a fresh mind is important.

Massiel: Would you consider yourself a social media "influencer" ; if so what does the word "influencer" mean to you?

Patrick : I definitely consider myself an influencer even if at the lower level. I don't know what that means to other people but to me it's branding. Big brands are trying to figure out how to talk directly to the people and thats what we do all day. So they work with us to reach the people. If the influencer is smart, they make their own product to bring to their audience instead of waiting on a Pepsi deal.

Massiel: Your instagram account @protect.your.light is super motivating and inspiring. What brought you to create that page and what are your hopes as far as what your audience can grasp from it. 

Patrick: Well thank you! Protect Your Light was inspired by my interactions with my followers. Many of them either recognized a light in me that I kept strong in the horrible environment of entertainment. It's genuine. Many of them have the same light in them and we recognize each other. So I created PYL to not only remind people as they wear it, but to teach those who are letting their light die how to survive. It keeps people going and once I began learning it was saving lives and connecting to people, I knew it was special.

Massiel: Congratulations on the podcast! Tell us a little bit about it!

Patrick: Thank you! Man I don't know which podcast you're talking about now haha. The most important ones are The Cloudy Podcast, Dam Internet You Scary!, and Arcade Tokens. The Cloudy Podcast is a live interactive podcast where I talk to fans about everything from crazy news stories to paranormal experiences and favorite types of chips lol. There's even a protect your light segment in there for motivation. Dam Internet You Scary! is the revamp of All Defs Internet Is Undefeated podcast. I left All Def in the last few months and wanted to keep those fans going so we rebranded! Same hosts (me and Tahir Moore) same conspiracy corners and all that! Lastly is my gaming podcast with Will Pharoah and Khleo Thomas. Thats gonna be a BEAST watch! This Fall we're ramping up our programming 100% so stay tuned.

Massiel: If you could use one word to describe yourself ; what would it be?

Patrick: Hmm one word? Probably scatterbrained haha but in a good way!

Massiel: With this Area 51 phenomenon; what do you think is hidden there? Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

Patrick: Conspiracy theories are my whole thing! I love them! I think they're for SURE some craziness at Area 51 but the fact that we know about it, lets me know there's crazier stuff somewhere else that's REALLY hidden. Im sure we do deals with aliens on the highest level; its been confirmed by the Canadian government!

Massiel: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Patrick: I see myself wildly successful and still happy. People often times skip that part. I see myself still enjoying what I do and taking care of my entire family while doing it. That's all I want. My family taken care of and my fans enjoying my creations. Easy.

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