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Ways you can keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated during the winter

Whether you dread this season or love it; winter is right around the corner. You wake up in the morning wash your face and head out the door, minutes after rushing out the door your skin feels tight and dry; but your favorite face moisturizer might not be able to do the trick this time around. Luckily we have some hacks and life saving products for you to try out.

Invest in a hydrating face mask

Yes, having a face cleanser and a moisturizer is great; but it’s also important have a consistent skincare routine for the day and night time: make some room for a nice hydrating face mask, Check out our favorite hydrating face masks during the winter season below.

Watermelon+ AHA Glow Sleeping Mask

Retails for $45

Not only does this mask look luxurious; but it also feels luxurious. This gel like mask contains: hydrating hyaluronic acid, formulated with soothing, and amino-acid rich Watermelon Extract. This can easily become your go-to sleeping mask.

Hydrate from the inside

This is clearly a no brainer; Believe it or not most of us forget to drink water throughout the day. This can be a huge cause as to why our skin feels like paper sand. One suggestion is to drink a bottle of water first thing in the morning; Instead of trying to chug down a whole gallon of water all in one hour, pace yourself and drink a water bottle after every 2 hours. You should be drinking at least 8-10 water bottles a day. After constantly receive enough intake of water you'll start to notice a huge difference in your skin, not only that but your nails and hair as well.

Hydro Boost

Retails for $23

Adding a hydrating serum into your nightly skincare routine can be so life changing; Apply this serum before your moisturizer. This helps your skin build up healthy oils creating a glowy appearance. This also nourishes your skin while you're on snoozing mode.

Vitamin E Oil

Retail $3.96-9.90

One of our favorite methods to use Vitamin E is by; Applying this product to our moisturizer for extra hydration. Vitamin E oil is also great to combine with your face foundation for that dewy effect. Keep those wrinkles away and get you some Vitamin E oil!

Cetaphil Moisturizer

Retails for $10.47

Moisturizing is KEY, yes even if you already have excess oils in your skin and feel like you don't need to moisturize. The Cetaphil moisturizers have always been my favorite, They're affordable and works wonders.


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