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Post Valentine's Day Blues : Why Being Single Isn't All That Bad

After weeks or a whole month of seeing posts and pictures of couples celebrating their love for each other, you may experience mixed emotions ranging anywhere between admiration and an amplified feeling of loneliness. Your mind may circle through all the reasons why being single is immensely underwhelming.

However, when you really take a step back and think about it, it is probably not the best idea to force the idea of relationships into your life; especially when being single has many benefits. Here are five reasons why being single isn't all that bad: 

1. You can discover who you really are

When you are single, you have an ample amount of time to really assess who you are as

an individual outside of co-dependency within a relationship. A lot of times individuals

are still trying to figure themselves out while prioritizing their significant other. This

dynamic for some can lead to searching for validation in their partner or inadvertently

feed into deeply-rooted insecurities. Being single allows an individual to evaluate and

learn all the aspects of who they are, and grow within that solitude.

2. You have more freedom!

Life is a journey of endless adventures and discoveries and being single offers fewer limitations and more freedom in the actions you want to do. Whether you choose to unapologetically date, move out of the country, or get an extreme body modification you can do that without having to think about how your significant other may react. The single life is an opportunity to explore in areas of your life that would be somewhat restricted otherwise.

3. You can invest in creating stronger bonds/relationships

Relationships tend to make people disappear and dedicate majority or all of their time to that one particular person. For many on the receiving end, this imbalance can be considered very problematic. However, it is important to remember in general, having strong friendships and bonds is very important to an individual's mental and even emotional well-being. It is always a great feeling to be able to rely on and make memories with people. Being single allows you to pay more attention to those individuals and spend time with all the other people in your life that you value and love. 

4. You can be even more focused

Relationships come with a lot of responsibility, and those responsibilities can become distracting at times. You have to be able and willing to focus your attention in many different directions including on that significant other. Many people can do it successfully, but when being single, you can focus wholeheartedly on your own goals. Let's face it not everyone is as good at multi-tasking as they think.

5. You are number one!

This reason is probably one of the most important reasons why being single is not all that bad. You can unapologetically be selfish! At the end of the day you are your own person and being single allows you to invest in time on yourself. Practice self-care routines, take yourself out and honestly find self-love. Ultimately, your relationship with yourself will directly affect your relationship with others.

Not being in a relationship may evoke a fear of missing out, but being single is not shameful. There are so many opportunities and benefits that come with finding comfort in your own presence and peace. Love is beautiful, but if being in a relationship is not an option right now, simply just embrace the single life and be in love with you!


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