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Stressed about online classes? Here are some tips!

Summer is coming to an end and school is back in session, but more remotely. The sudden shift from in-person classes to online can be a difficult and worrisome transition. Try not to stress too much, here are some tips and strategies on how to excel in online classes.

First and foremost, treat online classes how you would an in-person class. Make sure to be disciplined and have the dedication to sit, analyze and work on your course content. You should still “show up” to class and participate.


According to Northeastern University, the ability to create your own schedule is one of the more attractive aspects about taking online classes. But too much freedom and not enough self-discipline could hinder your success. Have a set schedule and designate time out of your day to work on assignments, watch lectures, study, or complete readings. Go through your syllabus. In a calendar mark down important due dates whether it be for assignments, quizzes, projects, or tests.

According to LifeHack, here are 18 best time management apps.

Limit Distractions

Treat your online class how you would your in-person one. Silence your cell phone, put it on Do Not Disturb or turn it off completely. Don’t be in an area where you would be tempted to engage in conversations, watch TV or complete other tasks. Areas that have a lot of commotion and background noise can not only diminish your productivity but also other students who may be in your virtual class.

Find Your Study Space

According to Northeastern University, repeatedly completing your work in a designated work environment will help form a routine. It will also help you stay organized. It’s important to make sure the space you choose has high-speed internet access to avoid lagging. According to Forbes, if you experience any disconnection, don’t panic. Move closer to a router if possible. If you get disconnected during a virtual class session, log back in and leave a note, if possible. Karl Kapp, a professor at Bloomsburg University, advises to do a test run of the applications needed for your online class and get familiar with the software.

Take Notes

It can be hard to retain information by just watching and listening to videos and lectures. Be sure to write down important points or information you find helpful. You can write down your notes or keep them in a Word document. Be sure to ask questions if you don't understand a topic or certain points. If you are able to, record lectures. Be sure to take frequent short breaks. You can schedule 5 to ten minute breaks in between your study time or note taking. When taking breaks, try stretching or going for a short walk.

Believe in Yourself and Stay Healthy

Believe that you can excel in your online classes. Think positively when working on your course material and know if you feel lost, your teacher is just an email or video conference call away. Try to stay in contact with peers in your class. It’s healthy to stay connected to those around you and working with you. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. With that, make sure you stay hydrated and eat well. Our bodies can become ill if we're not getting the necessary nutrients. When our body is at its healthiest, our brains work best. And remember, you got this!

Here is a twitter thread with more tips and advice for taking online classes.


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